Insulated panels set in seconds and in absolute safety.

    The fastenings for insulated panels are subjected to very high stresses.

    The self-drilling screw is able to withstand these dynamic forces that originate due to temperature changes, wind load and foot traffic.

    All the fixings proposed are colored and completed with gasket, which integrate perfectly with the color of the external sheet and makes the fixing less evident, more aesthetically pleasing, and resistant over the years.
    We also offer the tested "ISOLPACK ROOF" homologated fastening.

    The system consists of a self-tapping screw with a built-in hollow washer, a cap, a neoprene seal and a vipla.

    This system ensures water tightness and quick installation of the elements.

    This system guarantees an economical and rational installation of the elements, which can be carried out with the minimum use of labor and very short times.


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    This section is completely dedicated to the world of design and collects everything that interests designers who work in CAD. Through this section precious material is available for collection of construction details and installation of RWPI pre-insulated panels.

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